Rausch Mobile Pro


Application Range from 4″ up to 72″ Pipe Diameter

Robust design in a portable package. The Rausch Mobile mainline CCTV inspection system features a lightweight cable reel and built-in 12” monitor with dual joystick control of the camera/crawler system, providing a professional and cost-effective solution that can fit in an ATV.


  • MOBILE pro – 12” monitor, video and photo recording, keyboard for text overlay
  • Cubix 300 – 17” square base loaded, weighs 110 lbs., up to 1,000 feet of cable
  • C 135 Crawler – with the KS 135, laser crack measurement and inclination
  • C 90 Crawler – with the KS 60 DB, application from 4” to 24” pipe diameter

Vehicle Upgrade


  • Rausch-Tab
  • LED lighting
  • Power supply with lithium-ion batteries (Studio design may vary depending on vehicle model and specs selected)


  • Finishing with high-quality aluminum profiles and pull-outs for crawlers and accessories
  • Rear monitor
  • Folding rain and sun protection canopy
  • Swivel arm with winch and LED worklight
  • Water tank for cleaning work
  • Cable drum Cubix 300
  • 1,000 ft camera cable
  • Deflection pulley


All projects are managed in a clear menu structure and can be exported at any time. Inspection results can be retrieved in the form of videos, photos, logs and statistics. System compatible with 3rd party inspection software, contact RauschUSA for further details.


Our main-sewer inspection cameras have other features too: Equipped with an optionally available scanning function, they detect even the smallest deformations in main lines using 2-point precision lasers and measure them precisely – both point by point and across the entire reach. Due to the 3D
display of the pipe, deformations can be determined accurately.


The KS 135 Scan has revolutionized the pipe profiling process using the “spinning laser” profiling technology. It is a 3 in 1 system, a single module upgrade to the L 135 tractor / crawler platform. Two laser diodes are integrated on either side of the conventional CCTV camera lens to perform three functions: Conventional CCTV video pipe inspection, Laser profiling (precise measurement of diameter, deflection and deformation of pipe), and crack & joint measurement.

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