Cobra Cameras

Get the job done easily with the Cobra Technologies brand of reliable, proven “workhorse” mainline inspection systems from Trio-Vision LLC.

The Cobra line’s simple, powerful design makes it a favorite of contractors and municipalities alike. A new, more consistent design/build approach is making maintenance easier and total cost of ownership lower for all products in our Cobra line.

Paired with our easy-to-use, PACP/LACP Certified AssetDMS touchscreen technology data collection software, you’ll always have the right system to go where you need and do the job your customers and communities expect, all while maximizing productivity and profits.

V9 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

Cobra’s Pan & Tilt Zoom Camera is designed and built to operate in the most rugged and hostile environments. Adequare lighting is critical for a quality image, and the camera is equipped with LED directional Luxeon Star Illuminator lighting technology, which offers an unmatched image quality that eliminates the need for auxiliary lights in pipe sizes up to 72″.

-40X zoom
-100% solid state circuitry
-Automatic iris lens with manual override

C601 Crawler

Our Cobra C601 multi-conductor 6-wheeled brass crawler is rugged and compact enough to inspect relined 6″ pipe and up.

-Joystick crawler controls for operational simplicity
-Forward/reverse speed control, all-wheel-drive
-Speeds to 60 feet per minute
-Single rear-mounted swivel connector
-Brass construction
-Integrated 512 Hz sonde

C801 Mainline Crawler

Our “workhorse” crawler is designed for maximum daily footage. Our unique, powerfully engineered C801 has an automatic freewheel clutch which makes this crawler superior in performance. Designed to operate in 8″ pipe and larger.

-Forward, Reverse and Automatic Freewheel
-Single, rear-mounted stainless steel swivel connector
-Lowering/retrieval harness included
-Quick and simple wheel changes
-4-wheel drive with long-lasting maintenance-free drive belts
-Our C800 crawler is industry compatible; can be installed with any US-made multi-conductor system

King Cobra

The King Cobra rules the world of storm drain inspection with its unique steerable track or wheel choice to give you the right configuration for the inspection conditions, on demand, in the field.

-Inspect lines 18″ and larger
-Variable speed
-Rear-mounted swivel connector
-Powered camera lift

C1806 Steerable Storm Crawler

Cobra Technologies Steerable Crawler can employ a unique track system or wheels, depending on your pipe conditions. This unique and powerful crawler is designed to inspect storm drains 18″ and larger.

-360 Degree joystick-controlled
-Variable speed
-Remote elevator enables larger pipe inspections

Long-Reach TISCIT Sonar System

Cobra has developed the ability to provide sufficient power at the end of the cable to operate lights, camera, sonar and a steerable crawler on a single video cable. The single cable significantly improves production in the field as well as simplifying cable management. Cable lengths available up to 6,000 ft.

-Used with crawler or raft/float
-Optional collapsible float available
-Single cable system
-Sonar Sediment Reports*
-Inspect lines 18″ and larger
-Variable speed
-Rear-mounted swivel connector
-Powered camera lift
-Shown with the PTZ V9 40X Zoom Pan & Tilt Camera, giving operators maximum versatility and power to go the distance

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