Rausch Lateral Launch Inspection

RauschUSA industry-leading inspection systems are centered around the L 135 crawler platform. Every module for different pipe inspection applications connects directly to the electric lift, including the M 135 lateral launch system, featuring the pan/tilt KS 60 CL lateral camera.

Lateral Camera

The Rausch KS 60 CL pan/tilt lateral camera is launched into lateral connections from mainline pipes of 6″-48″ in diameter. The Rausch lateral camera goes up to 150′ into the tap, and can even negotiate wye-branches in the lateral using a steering pin. Contractors often use this system to locate cross bores, and municipalities can inspect the system all the way up to the house connection.

Launch Modules

The Rausch M 135 system features three core modules for lateral launches: The SKM135 launch module, PM135 aiming module, and the ZKM135 auxiliary observation camera. These modules connect directly to the electric lift of the L 135 crawler, to raise the entire launch system up to the lateral tap. The PM135 rotates and pans to launch the lateral camera 360 degrees in any direction, and can launch against the flow.

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