Stetco Buckets

Stetco buckets provide positive, waterless cleaning power

Stetco buckets easily remove heavy, cumbersome debris that choke vacs. With dry, compact debris, there’s no need to add water to handle it—just dig and load. In structures with water present, Stetco buckets dig in and squeeze out water as they close, effectively dewatering the load. Stetco’s waterless functionality is a game changer, simplifying operations and conserving water resources.

Stetco versatility pays off all year long

A true four-season performer, Stetco can be operated as a dump truck, equipped with plow/spreader gear, and used for secondary debris removal jobs. Available hydraulic tool console powers an array of tools such as paving breakers and sump pumps. Stetco equipment is an all-around performer that earns its keep throughout the year.

Quiet operation reduces noise pollution and enhances safety

Stetco equipment efficiently develops cleaning power at relatively low engine RPM, conserving fuel, allowing spoken communication, and reducing excessive noise hazards—much appreciated by operators and residents alike.

Available Options:
• Hydraulic and manual boom extensions
• Stabilizers
• Radio remote control
• Deep digger equipment for 50′, 75′ or 100′ (15.2 m, 22.9 m or 30.5 m) below-grade operation
• Stetco hydraulic tool interface and hose reel
• High-pressure, low volume water jetting system
• Low pressure washdown system
• Front-mounted boom rest for use with 370° swing allows unobstructed use of dump body
• Tool boxes
• Bucket baskets
• Hooklift mounting
• Basin spades with storage brackets
• Basin grate removal devices
• Fully customizable from factory

Stetco Bucket Types

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