We are now offering Stetco products!

For over 60 years, Stetco Catch Basin Cleaners have been quietly maintaining stormwater infrastructure in the some of the nation’s oldest and most challenging systems. Stetco attributes—including cost, capability and water conservation—make them a valuable tool to tackle operations that vac-trucks alone cannot.

At less than half the cost, Stetco machines make short work of cleaning jobs that can impede, clog, or damage vac-trucks. And total cost of ownership of Stetco equipment is a fraction of that of vactrucks. Thanks to their relatively simple, no-nonsense design, Stetco equipment is known for its highuptime and low-maintenance requirements.

Stetco equipment is found in smaller municipalities as a stand-alone compliance solution to federally mandated cleaning of collection systems. In addition, its versatility adds value to smaller, cost-conscious municipalities.

As mission-critical stormwater assets that provide a depth and breadth of cleaning capabilities necessary in complex urban stormwater infrastructure, Stetco machines support vac-trucks in such environments. It’s about having the right tool for the job.

Schedule an on-site demonstration to see firsthand how Stetco equipment will enhance your stormwater infrastructure cleaning and compliance capabilities.

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Catch Basin Cleaners – 920 Series and 950 Series
Powerful Hydraulic Buckets
Combination Machine with Jetting