Rausch QuickLock Pipe Point Repair

QuickLock is a strictly mechanical point repair system for the inside repair of pipes. No resin is involved. This revolutionary system consists of only (2) components: a 316L stainless steel sleeve structural body, covered by a seamless EPDM compression seal. Through the manhole the sleeve is inserted into the pipe and placed over the damaged section. Using an inflatable packer, the sleeve is then expanded and permanently locked into position. Sleeve sizes are available from 6″ to 32″ in circular pipe diameter.

Advantages over other systems:

  • Trenchless no-dig spot repair
  • Permanent, reliable, and instant fix
  • Passes air & water pressure testing.
  • Reinstates structural strength & integrity of deformed and damaged pipe.
  • Can be installed with flow present.
  • Easy and quick installation – no cure time.
  • Applicable for internal pressure up to 220 psi*