Rausch Mainline Inspection

Rausch Mainline Camera - Tri State EnvironmentalRauschUSA industry-leading inspection systems are centered around the L 135 crawler platform. Every module for different pipe inspection applications connects directly to the electric lift, including the KS 135 mainline camera.

Mainline Camera

The Rausch KS 135 mainline camera is applicable for CCTV pipe inspection from 6″ to 72″ pipe diameters, and features 120:1 zoom. The unique laser crack measurement feature uses two built-in laser diodes and a video micrometer to accurately measure the width of cracks, joints, and other damages instantly.

Mainline Crawler

The Rausch L 135 mainline crawler features a standard built-in electric lift which is operated from the control room. The tires stack onto each other with a single fastener to inspect larger pipe diameters, up to 72″. A built-in inclinometer, rear view camera, and locating sonde are standard in every L 135.

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