Rausch Laser Pipe Profiling

Rausch Laser Profiling Camera - Tri State EnvironmentalRauschUSA industry-leading inspection systems are centered around the L 135 crawler platform. Every module for different pipe inspection applications connects directly to the electric lift, including the laser pipe profiling camera, KS 135 Scan.

Laser Profiling Camera

The Rausch KS 135 Scan laser profiling camera documents pipe profiling using the “spinning laser” technology from 8″ to 48″ pipe diameters, in accordance with ASTM Standard F3095-14. The lasers are built-in to the camera head and factory-calibrated – no field setup is necessary.

Laser Profiling Reports

The KS 135 Scan Camera is a 3-in-1 system: it records conventional CCTV video inspections, performs crack measurements with the video micrometer, and measures deformation and deflection via laser pipe profiling. Profiling reports are generated instantly on-site with the POSM Pro Inspection Software, creating easy to use 2D and 3D reports highlighting the condition of the pipe with exact diameter measurements.

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