Hathorn M18 Command Module

The M18 provides stunning VividHD picture quality and rugged mobility. It is compatible with all Hathorn Camera Reels.

Hathorn M18 Command Module
Hathorn M18 Command Module

The Hathorn M18 Control Module is equipped with a 12.1” VividHD™ LCD screen with almost twice the brightness of the leading brand, making it the largest and best daylight readable monitor in the industry. The M18 is the pro’s choice for any light condition (including direct sunshine), providing stunning HD picture quality, high contrast and 8X digital “pan & zoom” technology revealing details missed by other lateral push cameras. Whether you are working in brutal Canadian winters or hot Arizona summers it’s time to…Upgrade to VividHDTM!

M18 Features:
• 12.1” VividHD™ LCD screen that is daylight readable and impact resistant
• Compatible with Milwaukee™ 18V or equivalent batteries for portability and extended run time
• One touch USB recording, video pause, and playback
• Available with Wi-Fi PipeStream™ stream/record
• Adjustable camera head lighting
• Component video/audio output
• 8 pages of on-screen text writing
• Onscreen footage counter with reset
• Full sized keyboard
• 512hz sonde control
• Genuinely North American made

Find out more at www.hathorncorp.com/m18